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Trench Safety Products


Steel Trench Boxes

Contractor Solutions offers a wide range of different sizes of steel trench boxes.  Depth Ratings are dependent on thickness of the side walls.  We offer 4″, 6″, & 8″ thick wall trench boxes.  We offer different heights & lengths based on your jobsite needs.  The most popular heights include 4′ tall, 6′ tall, 8′ tall & 10′ tall.  Lengths of trench boxes start at 8′ long, 10′ long, 12′ long, 14′ long, 16′ long, 18′ long, 20′ long, 22′ long, 24′ long, 28′ long, & 32′ long.  (other custom sizes may be available)

Aluminum Trench Boxes

Contractor Solutions offers a wide range of aluminum trench boxes to fit your needs when you have lighter excavators or backhoes.  Our two most popular options are the Pro-Tec ATS series (Aluminum Trench Shield) or our MOD Series (Modular Aluminum Trench Shield).  We also offer our HATS series (Hydraulic Aluminum Trench Shield).

Stone Savers (also known as Bedding Boxes)

Pro-Tec’s Stone Savers are built as some of the strongest in the industry.  We offer both Standard Duty & also Heavy Duty options.  We can also build any custom stone savers to your specifications or needs.

Vertical Hydraulic Shoring

Pro-Tec’s Vertical Hydraulic Shoring is often necessary in today’s industry as contractors are constantly adding utilities to the nations underground infrastructure.  The trench box can often be the fastest way to shore a trench, however when utilities are coming through the trench, vertical hydraulic shoring is often used in conjunction with trench shields or by itself dependent upon the jobsite situation.

Steel Crossing Plates (with Lock n Lift device)

Steel crossing plates are used for temporary keeping lanes open for traffic when the contractor may not be finished with their pipe repair underneath the street.

Our street plates come with a special (Lock n Lift) lifting device that allows the contractor to lower the plate flat onto the surface and connect to the center plate lifting device without putting a wedge to get your chain or lifting cable from out underneath the plate.



Steel Shoring Plates


Steel shoring plates are often used for temporary shoring or closing off trench boxes

The steel plates “do” actually have tabulated data on their depth ratings, however the depth the engineering allows is often very limited compared to a trench shield panel or other shoring alternatives.

Steel shoring plates are often used in conjuction with another primary shoring system where engineers would come up with a site specific design. (Beam n Plate Shoring would be a good example)

(Sewer Sammy Tip)  Pushing in shoring plates on the outside of a trench box can often add additional soil loads which can possibly exceed the depth rating of the trench box & put structural stresses on the internal members of the trench box which can lead to bowing of the sidewall & trench box wall failure.

Product Sizes:  (all shoring plates are 1″ thick)

  • 5′ x 8′
  • 5′ x 10′
  • 8′ x 10′
  • 8′ x 12′
  • 8′ x 16′
  • 8’x 20′

Steel Sheet Pile

Contractor Solutions offers a wide range of different steel sheet pile sizes & lengths.  We carry sheet pile in stock for temporary shoring needs or we can work with you to come up with a site specific engineering design for your project.

We also offer a Excavator Mounted sheet pile hammer for rental that the contractor can plumb to their excavator to install &/or remove the sheet piles.


Slide Rail Shoring Systems

Pro-Tec’s Slide Rail shoring systems are well known in the industry for design and endless capabilities for sizes.

The system can be used for lift stations, manholes, structures, tank installations, boring pits,  & many other applications.

The slide rail system is similar to a trench box panel & includes tabulated data with the rental or sale of the system.  If you have a particular design where site specific engineering is required, we can have our team of engineers review the details of your project and site specific engineering is also available.

We pride ourselves in customer service.  If this is your first slide rail system install or you have installed them previously, we will provide a representative to come on-site to your project to help advise your team with the step by step installation to make sure your project runs smoothly.

We are constantly trying to grow and build our slide rail rental fleet.  We have many different panel sizes in stock & can also pull equipment from other locations if needed.

Beam & Plate Shoring System

The Beam & Plate shoring system is a site specific engineered system often used as an alternative for vibratory sheet pile.  The limitation being the depth of soil to support based upon factors that include water table, other nearby structures & soil conditions.

Uses include Tank installs, linear shoring walls, structures & more.

Dependent upon the soil conditions & other factors, our engineers can look at your project to design an engineering plan that will fit your project needs.

We can design a plan in all 50 states




Pro-Brace Hydraulic Frame System

The Pro-Tec Equipment Pro-Brace Hydraulic Frame dramatically decreases the installation and removal time when compared to traditional cut and weld frame projects.  Designed with the ability to use a number of interlocking sheeting types, the Pro-Brace Hydraulic Frame allows end-users to use interlocking sheet pile stock.

Ideal for projects such as:

  • Pump stations
  • Bridge Footings
  • Tank Installations
  • Linear applications
  • Large cast-in-place projects
  • And many more


High Clearance Arches

The Pro-Tec high clearance arch is used when the standard vertical clearance on your trench shield needs to be increased to meet bigger diameter pipe or structure size.  On a 8 foot tall box, we can achieve 96″ vertical clearance or on a 10 foot tall box, we can achieve 120″ of vertical clearance.

For projects that require even more vertical clearance, Pro-Tec offers its ULTRA-ARCH where you would stack another trench shield on top of the bottom trench shield and you are able to achieve up to 14 foot of vertical clearance.

We also offer high clearance arches for aluminum and smaller steel trench boxes.

Sewer Sammy Tip:  Not all trench boxes may work with arch spreaders and in order for the arch spreader to fit on a trench box, spreader collar spacing must be adequate & additional spreader pin holes may be needed.