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Confined Space Products


Ventilation Equipment

Ventilation Blowers are an integral part of a proper confined space entry. Keeping your workers safe and providing adequate fresh air when needed is crucial.  We offer a full line of different options from 110V (AC), 12 volt (DC) or even gas powered options for those areas that are in a remote location.

Product Specs:

  • 8″ Blow In Ventilator (AC or DC options)
    • 15′ of detachable duct option
    • 25′ of detachable duct option
    • Add longer duct if needed
  • Gas powered Blow In Ventilator
    • Honda or Briggs & Stratton options
  • Cherne or Hurco Manhole fan
    • Honda or Briggs & Stratton options
    • More flexibility for multiple uses
      • Use as a “blow in” ventilator with special vent kit
        • up to 2350 cfm as a blow in ventilator
      • May use as a “suction” ventilator when sitting on top of a manhole
        • up to 3470 cfm as a suction ventilator
      • Use as a Stringer fan & even pull your mandrel
        • May use to pull Aluminum or lighter mandrels with parachutes up to certain size
  • Accessories
    • There are a number of accessories available
      • Duct to duct connectors
      • Hose storage
      • Manhole guard rail (with or without winch)
      • Y-duct connectors
      • Blower filter box
      • Work Tents
      • Tent Heater

Retrieval Equipment

We offer products for confined space entry and rescue.  As technology continues to develop, there are many more accessories and newer equipment to assist in keeping workers safe.

Options for Fall Protection:

  • 7′ or 9′ Tripods
    • Material &/or Person Winch (examples: DBI Sala Lift II or Miller Manhandler winch)
    • SRL (Self Retrieval Lifeline)

SEWER SAMMY TIP:  Did you know that you must have 2 ways of entering/exiting a manhole?  If there are not any steps in your manhole, you need to either have a ladder or you can have 2 winches &/or SRL’s on your tripod or davit base.


  • Davit Base & Post Portable Systems
    • Includes many options for different aspects of fall arrest
    • Uses same Winches & SRL’s as the Tripod system
    • New options for mounting include:
      • Manhole collar
      • Barrel Mount Sleeve
      • Vehicle Hitch Mount Sleeve

Air Monitors

Air Monitors are a very important part of entering a confined space.  We offer 4-gas air monitors that have sensors to monitor Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, & LEL (Lower Explosive Limit).

We can also provide job specific sensors &/or monitors that can help you monitor specific gases.

Types of Monitors:

  • Gas Alert Quattro
    • Alkaline powered &/or rechargeable battery
    • 4-gas model
  • Gas Alert Microclip X3
    • 3 year sensor warranty
    • Rechargeable battery (only) – Wall charger 110V or Truck Cigarette (12 V) charger
    • 4-gas model
  • Gas Alert Max XT II
    • 2 year warranty on sensors
    • Integral robust pump
    • 4-gas model
    • Wall charger (110V) or Truck Cigarette (12 V) charger
  • BW Clip 4
    • 4-gas Disposable
    • Turn on and unit will stay on for 2 years (must still calibrate)
    • No charging


  • Pelican Yellow Cases
  • Calibration Gas


  • We can service your air monitor and order/replace sensors if needed

Sewer Sammy Tip:  Did you know?  That per manufacturer recommendations, your air monitor should be calibrated every 180 days or 6 months.  Check your calibration gas as it does have an expiration date on the bottle.