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Pipe Testing Equipment


Pneumatic Test Plugs

Whether you are looking for blocking plugs, live (air test) plugs, bypass plugs, or custom plugs.  We can help you with your Test plug needs.  We offer a full range of plugs that are available for rent or purchase.

Some of our Sizes Include:

  • 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ single size
  • 6″ to 10″ multi-size
  • 8″ to 12″ multi-size
  • 12″ to 18″ multi-size
  • 12″ to 24″ multi-size
  • 15″ to 30″ multi-size
  • 24″ to 48″ multi-size
  • 24″ to 60″ multi-size
  • Larger sizes available (call to inquire)

Test Panel

Test Panel Includes gauges to monitor compressor pressure, plug pressure and test pressure, all in a sturdy high composite plastic case.  Panel also has regulators to control plug and test pressure.


Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Our Cherne Hydrostatic Test Pumps are designed for pressure testing waterlines and sewer force mains as prescribed by AWWA Standard C600 Installation of Ductile-Iron Water Mains and C605 Installation of PVC Pressure Pipe.

We stock the Diaphragm Style Pump with Honda Engine for rental or sale.

Product Features (Diaphragm Style Pump):

  • 5.5 HP Honda engine
  • Hypro Twin Diaphragm pump 9.5 gpm/550 PSI
  • Handles up to 10% chlorine solutions
  • May be ran dry
  • Four output pressure settings
  • Integral manifolds – eliminates leak points
  • Enclosed gear reduction- Excellent heat dissipation
  • Pulsation dampener – no need to surge tank
  • Optional Wheel Kit
  • Optional 16 gallon water tank
  • Inline strainer – easy to clean clear bowl
  • Includes 12′ output & 10′ intake hoses

Other Manufacturers:

  • Hurco Technologies
  • Rice Hydro Inc.

Parts & Service:

  • If you have a unit that isn’t working or needs any parts, please contact us and we can order you parts and fix your pump if needed.

Vacuum Manhole Testers

More and more municipalities are requiring that you vacuum test your manholes.  Whether you are required to test below your casting and seals or need to test through the casting, we have what you need to get your test completed.


  • Drop In Style
    • Available to test both 24″ and 27″ manholes
    • Liquid filled vacuum guage
    • Other custom sizes available
    • May use vacuum pump with Honda engine or vacuum generator that uses your towable air compressor
  • Flat Plate
    • 38″ Flat plate
      • Has foam on bottom to help get a good seal
      • Liquid filled vacuum gauge
  • Towable Air Compressors or Honda powered Vacuum pump available

Please Note:

Above SUDAS spec is for information only & it is up to the contractor, engineer, & or municipality to make sure specification is up to date and correct.  Contractor Solutions provides the equipment only and the testing &/or specifications is upon the user of the equipment.

Joint Testers

The Joint Tester is a fast, safe, and easy to use, five second test that determines joint integrity.  It is designed to test large diameter, installed, pre-cast concrete pipe as described in ASTM C1103.

If you are working on a project that pipe joint testing may be necessary, please contact us to check availability for a joint tester that will work for you.  We have capabilities to pull different size joint testers from different warehouses across the country for rental (based upon availability).  Or if you are looking for a purchase price, we can also provide you with a quotation for your next project.


  • Sleeveless, lightweight aluminum design allows for easy assembly in manholes
  • Independent & adjustable wheels – easy to move
  • Quick connect control panel
  • Available with or without control panel & wheel kit
  • Replacement bladders available
  • Recommended for pipe 21″ or larger




  • Rope Inflation hoses
    • Gauge
    • No Gauge
    • 20′ or 30′ long
  • Triple Test Hose
    • Attaches between the test panel and the “live” test plug
    • Available in 25′ or 50′ lengths
  • Rope Reels
    • Available in 500′ or 1000′ or rope
  • Mandrels
    • Sizes Include
      • SDR 26
      • SDR35
      • Truss
      • Custom Sizes can be built to order
    • Aluminum Fin Style
      • Removable Fins
      • Different sizes & pipe type available
    • Fixed Aluminum Style
    • Fixed Steel
  • Parachutes
    • Used to pull stringline down the pipe and sometimes can be directly attached to the mandrel to pull down the pipe using the Stringer Fan.
    • 4″ parachute
    • 6″ to 10″ parachute
    • 8″ to 12″ parachute
    • 10″ to 18″ parachute
    • 18″ to 36″ parachute
  • Line Stringer Fan
    • Can be used for multiple uses
      1. Use to pull parachute down the pipe & sometimes it will pull the aluminum mandrel at the same time
      2. Use as a “blow in” confined space blower fan
      3. Use as a “suction” confined space fan by placing the fan on the next manhole down from the one you are working
  • Leak Locating Equipment
    • No one ever wants to have a leak, however if or when it does happen, we have a reel with 500 feet of rope hose which enables you to pull one plug or two plugs to isolate your testing in order to find the leak