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Construction Lasers


Pipe Lasers

Pipe lasers have become a crucial tool in todays world to make your crew productive.  We are a dealer for 3 of the most popular manufacturers.  We stock a full list of accessories from remotes, batteries, wall chargers, target stands, pipe laser blowers, tivet stands, & offer calibration &/or service.


Rotary Lasers

Whether you are looking for an entry level rotary laser to something that has single slope or dual slope, we have a big selection of different lasers to fit your needs.  We offer products from Trimble, AGL, & Leica which are 3 of the biggest names in rotary lasers.


Transits & Auto Levels

We offer a full line of auto levels & transit levels to fit your needs


  • Auto-Levels
  • Line Transfer Units
  • Theodolites


  • Wood Lathe
  • Measuring Wheels
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Flagging Tape
  • Inverted Marking Tape
  • Marking Flags
  • Call for other options